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Inaugural Blog Post

May 7, 2010 • Posted By Joseph A. French • Complex Litigation

This is the launch of the Liability Defense Blog published by French & Casey so I feel justified in saying "Hello World"

While most attorneys at law have a reputation for adopting technology slowly, our firm has embraced the web and social media to keep up with client interests and communications, and will more actively use Internet technology in the future. This blog, for instance, is one example of an expanded communication philosophy that we have adopted at the firm to disseminate our knowledge, share our expertise and ultimately lend a hand to our clients. Underlying this new philosophy is a simple realization: We are excellent lawyers and we want to share our expertise with current and potential clients in New York City and the world of people who use the web.

There are three things which will be the hallmark of this blog:

1.  We intend to post to this blog at least twice a month. Regularity matters with blogs and we are committed to regular posting.

2.  The subjects of this blog will vary along with the amount of content, links and other web qualities. French & Casey covers a broad array of legal disciplines: construction claims, insurance defense, commercial litigation, real estate, and trusts and estates. Our legal eagles have made these diverse areas of the law their life work; they want to share their expertise and the latest developments in these legal subjects with you.

3.  We are going to listen to your comments. Email us your reactions to blog posts, or include your comments below (in the comment section of this blog) or call us. The web works best when opinions are exchanged. We look forward to hearing from you.

In addition to this blog, we are improving the content on the website ( and a whole bunch of under-the-surface web related issues. The web is a complicated beast – a giant file system in many respects with billions of links, and we are committed to harnessing its power.

Finally, speaking on behalf of the firm, we hope you had a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year's celebration.

Best regards,

-Joe French