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New York City Construction and Manufacturing Update

April 28, 2020 • Posted By Scott J. Laird • News

On March 27, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an Order which halted all “non-essential” construction in New York City. Under this Order, “essential” construction could proceed. The Order defined “essential” construction as: emergency construction; all construction involving roads, bridges, transit facilities, utilities, hospitals or health care facilities; and “single worker” construction, i.e., the sole employee on a job site.

 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently outlined a phased plan to slowly reopen non-essential businesses starting with manufacturing and construction. Two phases have been discussed, and so far, both focus on the “risk level” of the work involved. In deciding which construction to resume first, some businesses may be deemed “more essential” than others. These “more essential” business would be prioritized over other businesses deemed “less essential.”

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By: Scott J. Laird, Esq.